Monday, February 27, 2017

3rd Transfer in Neyba!

Wow! Honestly, I know you guys are super jealous of the warm weather over here, but I´m wishing it was as cold here as it is there! We just got transfer calls on Saturday, and it looks like I´ll be staying in Neyba for at least another transfer! This week was good! Fernanda and Joanna are learning lots and they're still progressing towards baptism! 

So, one thing that isn´t so fun about being so far from the capital is that it takes us a while to get certain materials. Like the lesson pamphlets. Hopefully we´ll be getting some at transfers, but right now, we are out of the restoration, and the plan of salvation which are the two best lessons to start teaching with usually. So we´ve had to do so many contacts using the gospel of Jesus Christ, and if we don´t get some more, we´re going to have to start contacting with the word of wisdom, or law of chasity! Lol. 

Another thing that´s not so great about being way out here is the fact that in a couple of weeks, Elder Neil L. Andersen is going to Santo Domingo, and those in the capital get to go listen to him live, and meet him, and us out here are watching it by transmission. So it really doesn´t make a difference for us that he´s on the island. Oh well...

This week we had a really cool lesson with a family that aren´t even our investigators. So, we were out teaching with a recent convert. A 12-year-old kid named Leomar. Well, we were trying to teach, but we walked from house to house for an hour and a half, because all of the appointments that we had fell through. So finally, we asked him where Mariangel and Christopher live (investigators of the other companionship here in Neyba). They´re awesome, but their parents won´t let them get baptized) So, we went to their house, and started talking to them. Then just as we were about to leave, their mom came home, and we started talking to her. Then, we saw Elder Robinson, and Elder Capellan coming over. So, without planning on any of this, we had 4 missionaries, the 2 investigators, and their mom, all in a spur of the moment lesson. And let me tell you. The lesson was straight fiiiiire. We started talking, and then when one of us was finished, another would start. It was like having 2 Almas, and 2 Amuleks all in a lesson.

So, it turns out that the reason the mom didn´t want to give permission to her kids, is that she is a member, but she told us that she never was really converted, and she thought the missionaries were nice, and never really had her own testimony, and she didn´t want the same thing to happen to her kids. 

Elder Bednar said in a missionary broadcast that we had once, that sometimes, if you learn something while you´re teaching it, that´s probably the Holy Ghost. So, I definitely think that it was the Holy Ghost helping me teach in that moment. I told her that conversion was not a destination, but a path. That if you are increasing your faith, then you can say that you are converted. It´s not where you are at, but the direction that you´re moving. Then I shared in Mosiah 18, when Alma is preaching, and says that if it´s your DESIRE to be baptized and to follow Christ, that´s all that you need.  God gives us everything when we truly have a desire for those things. Not because we´ve earned them. Because we can´t earn salvation. We just need a true desire.

Well, I think our lesson worked, because those 2 kids now have permission to be baptized! It´s fun to see how the Lord works, and how much I´m learning while I´m teaching others. Anyway. That was the highlight of my week! I hope your weeks are just as great. I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Anderson

Monday, February 13, 2017

To and Fro

Dear Mom,
This week was pretty good! We did a LOT of travelling this week, because that´s kind of inevitable out here. We traveled out to Duvergé one time this week, which is a little group about an hour away from us that is technically part of our branch. They meet in a rented schoolhouse, which is pretty small, but the hope is that they can get enough people that we get a chapel built out there. 

We also traveled to Azua (town 2 hours away) on Thursday for a Zone Conference, which was good! We talked a lot about the Restoration, and how we can more effectively teach about it while explaining the importance of the restoration in our lives. 

Then yesterday, my comp and I went to Barahona (two hours in a different direction) in the morning for a meeting of all of the branch presidents in our district. And this morning, we went back to Barahona as a district to go see the ocean and eat pizza. 

So it´s been a pretty long week as far as the traveling aspect. A couple times I had to stand up for the whole trip. Anyway. Pretty wiped out from that. As far as investigators, we had a few that were kind of progressing, but they kept promising to come to church, and they haven´t been a single time, so time to start looking for some new people who will actually keep commitments. Haha, All in all though, it was an incredible week here in the DR! I hope things are great there at home. I´m so happy to hear about McKay and his opportunity to be ordained a deacon. I´m so proud of everyone in my family!

I love you all, and I hope this week is the best of your lives. Love you SOOOOOO much!
Love, Elder Anderson

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017 - Week 27

Hey Mom!!! This week was a good one! We currently have 3 investigators with a baptismal date, but none of them showed up to church yesterday... That´s probably the biggest frustration that we run into here is the fact that everyone is willing and open to talk about religion, but hardly anyone ever follows through with their commitments. But! We keep loving them, and keep inviting anyway.

Friday night, we had a social activity over at a members house that we brought a couple investigators to. I started feeling really sick, and I had a pretty high fever, so I went to bed, and when I woke up in the morning, I felt absolutely fine! So that was kind of wierd.
Haha, to be honest, that´s the most exciting thing that happened this week! Maybe this next week will be more action-packed, but we´ll see. Anyway, hope this week was great for you guys, and I hope how much I love you! 

Love, Elder Anderson